(generated Dec 10, 2019, in Turku, Finland.)

This set of 12 images is one full cycle of "Days that might have been, " a reflection on arbitrariness using the "lost days" at the time of the adoption of the Gregorian calendar.

Site and time-specific, "Days that might have been" uses the current location and time to determine the bounds for a generated work.    For instance, the number of microseconds since Jan 1, 1970 determines if it is monochrome or full-hued.  The latitude and longitude determine the starting point, and the days that were "lost" at the time of the adoption of the Gregorian calendar at that place determine the number of lines and some of how the lines progress.   The current time determines the initial slope of the curves.

There are two presentations envisioned for these works.  1)  projections into a many-sided room, with the works being re-generated and re-shown constantly,  or 2) as prints - preferably in a many-sided room.  These works are 147 cm wide by 244 cm high at 300 dpi.