After many adventures with the last set of images (they are taking me to Rome!), I thought about what else I could do with control points.

For this set, I am thinking about lost time – specifically the perceived loss of days between the Julian and Gregorian calendars.  Each line in these pieces represents a day since those "lost days" – I vary the hue (sometimes), saturation, and value, and starting point of the lines according to random chance, but governed by elements of those dates, and the  time that the piece is created.  The end points are random, but dependent on randomly generated "control points"

This is a site-specific piece, in a way – I'm currently in Finland, so the correction between the Julian and the Gregorian calendars came at a different time, with some wrinkles peculiar to Sweden at the time.  The parameters will be different if I generate it in Canada, say.  Also,  the starting point of the whole thing relates to the latitude and longitude of where it is generated.